‘A New  Way’ develops projects and educational programs for promoting shared society in Israel

The organization turns our vision into reality and enables Jews and Arabs to meet with each other, to be exposed to the other’s culture, conduct an open and egalitarian discourse and to work together for the future of Israel as a just and democratic society

About A New Way

Participants' recommendations

Mashur Abbas

School director of El-Hadiqua , Yafya

“A tremendous experience, great progress, wonderful development, steadfastness to the difficult challenges, from every encounter-- we have internalized the true insights of human intelligence"

Rada Yussef

School director of Ain Naquba

Yonatan Shif

School director of Alon  Kiryat Anavim

This is a rare and important project that enables students to get to know each other, to break down existing stereotypes and stigmas, and often to form friendships among them

Geula Setti

School director of Atid, Lod

The activity paved the way for reducing prejudice, building relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


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‘A New Way’ was founded in 1998 with the deep commitment to generating change in the educational approach to promoting equality among all citizens of Israel.

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