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תמונה של ילדים רצים

“A New Way”
Creating a Shared Society in Israel

תו מידות לאפקטיביות 2024
עגול שקוף עמותה זו חברה בעיגול לטובה

Berlson Prize Laureate
January 2021

At "A New Way" We believe that building a new way for our society is both
an imperative and a possibility    

Israel Unity Award
May 2022

תמונה של חברי הועד זוכים בפרס ברלסון בינואר 2021

"A New Way" generates change on a grassroots people-to-people level, enabling Jews and Arabs to meet directly without mediators, reducing fears, prejudices, alienation, suspicions, and hostility. Replacing them with tolerance, understanding, trust, respect, and a deep-seated commitment to multicultural collaborations and shared citizenship. 

תמונה עם נשיא המדינה בזכיית פרס ישראל מאי 2022

The people behind "A New Way"

Our team includes leading Jewish and Arab leaders from a variety of fields like education, arts, law, economy, research, business, ergonomics, and mediation. 

Our Programs

"A New Way” operates nationwide, serving an average of 5000 participants every year. "A New Way" works with school students and youth, school principals and teachers, parents and local leaders, municipal workers, and mayors. "A New Way" works with a big emphasis on communities in the Israeli periphery.


תמונה של ילדים וילדות יהודים וערבים בפעילות של העמותה
רקע של נק׳ שקופות

Your change can make a BIG Difference

Join our group of supporters and Round-Up for us.

This is a donation of 4 NIS per month from your credit card. Joining is quick and easy.
לוגו חברות בעיגול לטובה

Media and Recommendation

"The desire to abolish the polarization and social rift prevalent in Israel is important to many people, but taking action on the subject is not always a priority [..] "A New Way" facilitates something that seems to have been lost: the ability to conduct open multicultural dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israeli society. What President Rivlin expressed in his speech on the “Four Tribes” in 2015, the organization’s founder Dr. Tikva Bracha and her team already realized in 1998, when they decided to take action and try to abolish social polarization by creating direct contact and multicultural collaboration that would help to change the problematic status-quo in Jewish-Arab relations".

Assaf Levanon Haaretz

Our Stories

"A New Way" offers a new way to live our shared life. Our work is all about the people, they are the ones that show us daily that there is indeed a new way.
We invite you to read and get to know their stories a little more. To learn about their shared work, encounters, and the multicultural collaborations they are creating.

תמונה מיום התנדבות בקלנסוואה

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