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Teachers' Seminar

teachers seminar

"Sometimes Dreams Come True" – a first of its kind teachers' seminar

After a year-long of extensive efforts and preparations, we have finally been able to launch our first teacher training course on shared life in a multicultural society, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education teacher training scheme.

Get a glimpse of the recent teachers' training - watch short video here 

16 Moslem, Christian and Jewish teachers became the first group of a pedagogical program designed to provide them with historical and educational knowledge, enhancing their capacity to facilitate multicultural work in their schools. The program teaches A New Way's educational models, and then the teachers are mentored by us while developing their own lessons, to be shared with their students in the following year.

Following the success of the first course, we were approached by the Petach Tikva (Jewish) and the Tamra (Arab) teacher training centers to conduct a second course for their teacher audiences. 30 teachers are participating in the current course, mastering A New Way's methods for a shared society.

"The course was very interesting and educating, bringing new perspectives, and broadening my horizons as to the opportunities where I can contribute to promoting a shared society, during my work as a teacher”, as one of the participating teachers described her experience.

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