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Survey: Educational Processes Matter

survey report

Survey: How educational processes effect Jewish and Arab teenagers in the light of the May 2021 violent events


At times of rising tension and violence, one can expect remoteness and radicalization between Jews and Arabs; each group tend to become more introverted, feelings such as hatred, anger and fear arise while care, concern and warmth are pushed aside. This introversion is especially prominent among those who are not familiar with the other side, Jews and Arabs alike.

During the recent events of May 2021, ‘A New Way’ performed a survey among Jewish and Arab 8th & 9th graders, some of which are participating in the A New Way’s program, while their peers were not taking part in the program.

The goal was to inspect – in the light of the May 2021 violent events - whether there are any differences in the feelings, perceptions and opinions of teenagers who took part in the shared society educational program, in comparison with those who did not.

Findings were unambiguous, stressing the direct and clear impact of multi-cultural educational processes within the school;

The survey results, following the violent events, instill hope and demonstrate undoubtedly that indeed A New Way is possible!

By promoting and developing the right and broad educational processes among Israeli Jewish and Arab students, we can tone down the negative feelings and promote a true, open and sincere partnership.

Our thanks extended to Rana Abbas, PhD for managing and analyzing the survey and its results.

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