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הכשרת צוותי מורים

הכשרת צוותי מורים

Multi-cultural Teachers’ Training

Multi-cultural Teachers’ Training

A New Way’s program for Multi-cultural Teachers’ Training is certified and accredited by the Ministry of Education (external program no. 1481).

During the training we work with Arab and Jewish educational teams nationwide, to promote their rolls as ‘change agents’, to help develop and promote a healthy, sustainable shared society among their own communities.

We do this through a series of direct encounters and workshops with the other society members, providing practical tools for creating social multi-cultural initiatives.

Throughout the program we discuss, learn and process relevant critical topics such as stereotypes and prejudice within a multi-cultural society, sociological and cultural characteristic of each society, and provide hands-on tools to build mutual encounters and an open discussion about the other society, in order to create and maintain continuity among schools of both societies.

During the encounters we openly discuss understanding of the various challenges and the importance of a shared society in Israel.

The program expands the participants leadership skills and assists them with the process of creating community educational initiatives, which they perform together as practicum, within their own communities.

In a survey performed after completion of the recent trainings, it was found that:

98% of the participants stated they were satisfied with the training

82% of them stated it provided them with new practical tools

84% stated that it trained them to create multi-cultural encounters

2/3 of the participants reported that the training decreased their own prejudice and stereotypes towards the other society

82% of the teachers stated that following the training they are more ready to share their narrative with the other society

¾ of the participants reported it raised their knowledge of the other society

98% of them stated that they are now confident that Arabs and Jews can collaborate, while only 75% of them thought so when started the training

Watch the video: A New Way’s Teachers Training

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