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סמינרים ויוזמות לפיתוח מנהיגות

סמינרים ויוזמות לפיתוח מנהיגות

Leadership Development Initiatives

"Volunteering Together"

This initiative allows Arab and Jewish youth to volunteer, and work together to help and promote their communities.

One of the first initiatives that were established here is the “Multicultural Medical Clowns”. Here Arab and Jewish youth taking a shared course learning together how to collaborate and how to become medical clowns. At the end of the course, the participants volunteer together at different hospitals.

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Other volunteering initiatives include our "Gardens of Hope" where children establish together gardens, planting herbs alongside values. Furthermore, "A New Way" works alongside "Ruach Tove" and allows a multicultural platform for volunteering during the "Good Deeds Day".

"Women Generating Change"

"A New Way" is proud to lead the way for creating sustainable change through women's leadership groups. Groups of Jewish and Arab women residing in the same or nearby cities participate in a program whose goal is to empower the participants, break down prejudices, and create active cooperation towards the promotion of social change.

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"Youth Leadership"

"A New Way" has established several unique youth leadership programs that emphasize multicultural collaboration. The goal of those programs is to train young leaders from all cultures and worldviews to work together, promote tolerance and multicultural sensitivity in Israeli society. Those programs are held in Youth departments and Hapoel Jerusalem football clubs.

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