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פועלים יחד

פועלים יחד

Collaborate Together for Youth

Collaborate Together

Biennial multi-cultural collaboration program for mixed cities’ youth, as part of the social involvement duty hours

“Collaborate Together”, designed for mixed-cities youth, aims at replacing fear, anger, hatred, prejudice and stereotypes among Jewish and Arab students with comradeship, respect and collaboration.

The program consists of a deep, multi-cultural process, creating a solid, long-term base, for mutual multi-cultural achievements, building bridges among the different schools around the city.

The program establishes the first platform in Israel, allowing Jewish and Arab students of mixed cities to collaborate and volunteer together as part of their 10th grade mandatory social involvement duty hours.

The program consists of 60 community volunteering hours, during which the participants develop mutual initiatives and lead multi-cultural processes among their communities.

During the significant educational process the students undergo a series of diverse encounters including ODT, acro-yoga, listening circles, escape room and more, which together brings up creative thinking and problem solving skills, in order to examine and strengthen the importance of the need to collaborate in order to succeed.

The program is accompanied by an external evaluation research to examine its success in promoting reconciliation, reducing prejudice, and establishing multi-cultural partnership, leading to collaborated achievements in favor of the local communities.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Watch the “Collaborate Together” video

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